The 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge

The 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge states that you can lose weight without dieting in 2 months with this program. A strong ambition, but makes the program this true? The first results are positive in any case.

The program is organized by Sabine Leijten. She is a nutritionist with many years experience in the profession. Because of the many problems they encountered them even has a method developed by customers as its has the best effect on weight loss. Result: The 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

How does the Program?

The basis of this weight loss program is simple. You learn to eat healthier while this remains to do with taste. Because, as the reasoning, if you find something good then why would you quit? The “trick” is therefore to healthy food in a way to prepare you actually can switch effortlessly from your old, unhealthy eating habits to a healthier diet.

The program is called “challenge” and that is certainly not without reason. You put clear goals for yourself, you’re going to try to catch up with the help of the supplied materials and assistance. Here you also get help from Sabine Leijten. She refers to himself as the “Coach Fridge” and that covers the cargo properly. The program and give your coach because every day you can eat and how to prepare the best, so you can keep the slimmer lifestyle.

The 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge calls himself emphatically not a diet. It is basically a diet plan associated with them intensive coaching. The dishes are emphasized slim, especially based on low fat and high light ingredients.

What do you get when ordering?

When the Weight Loss Challenge gets home, you get 60 days include specific recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will also receive a full shopping list, a court bundle, general tips and videos about slimming. Finally, what makes this show extra special coaching. So you will receive a daily email motivating and coaching ability to Sabine Leijten. As extras in the program are also a number of ebooks.

There is no subscription associated with the program. So order one time and then you have basically everything to start the weight-loss method. The product also has a 14-day manufacturer’s warranty.

The 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Our Review

The 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge takes an interesting approach to weight loss. By just to focus on what is possible – and accompanied by constant motivation – it is a great weight loss program to do. The program focuses mainly be on diet and lifestyle. Exercise and sports are not included, although you do get tips above. If you find this to be very important than other programs more suitable. Nevertheless, the experience of the test group with the program so far very positive.

The Weight Loss Challenge is quite pricey but you do get a tailored approach for return. There are many good recipes to be found in the package, which also agree to make fine. This is one of the best diet programs today. follow the program closely, you’ll also be able to see results fast.

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