The Fitchef Cookbook

Special Fitchef diet book is entirely focused on losing weight with a high protein diet. This handy book provides recipes that you can use yourself to make healthy dishes. Fitchef is designed especially for those individuals who do not have time to move much, but still want to lose weight. Watch the review plus the experience of Fitchef slimming method.

What is Fitchef and how does it work?

The basic principles of Fitchef are in fact simple: proteins assist with weight loss, while an excess should be avoided in carbohydrates and saturated fats. When proceeds on a diet plan, your body will also have to set herein on this mix of nutrients. Your body may then excess body fats appeal better.

The book is basically divided into two different parts. Some theory about nutrition in general and some recipes. At each session to hear different dishes. There is a part for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially tasty, healthy and pleasant food stand at the forefront Fitchef method. If there are any questions then this may be the author of the book, Mark van Oosterwijck.

An interesting approach to the Fitchef book is that you have a choice in the amount of carbohydrates in your food. The recipes are presented above with and without carbohydrates. You also get a good picture on the impact of carbohydrates you pick up not with any dish also lists the nutritional values. The carbohydrates that are included are substantially the slow, healthier carbohydrates. Carbohydrates such as sugars can be avoided practically.

In order Fitchef  you get home immediately sent the physical book.

Fitchef – Experiences and review

Fitchef book is beautifully designed and has lots of good information on nutrition values. The makers have understood: this makes the experience in choosing and following the right recipe too much fun. For those many sports this is important. Because every time the effect of a court – in addition to the nutritional value – is given to sports meals so convenient schedule.

The recipes are generally tasty and not difficult to make. Most user experiences that Fitchef certainly is a real added value, as well as cookbook and diet book. The amount of pictures in the book had some more able. This would in some dishes make it even more attractive and increase the pleasure in looking through the book. Nevertheless, the information provided is correct and that is it anyway to get to a slimming method greatly.

The real value of Fitchef is not even in the recipes or design. It is next to these things just a very practical book to drop them off. The information in the book is given is particularly useful for anyone looking for a high-protein diet. You can have as a pleasant manner systematic thinning where your ideal weight is well in sight.

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