Benefits of sobriety

People usually get sober for specific BIG reasons. They may come to the realisation that their family is suffering as a result of their lifestyle, maybe their career has stalled as a result of their addiction – maybe they have gotten into some legal troubles.

You have more money

Spending a few pounds on a pint isn’t a big deal, however spending money on pints every night adds up and become a big deal. You can save money by buying bottom shelf booze but this usually means that you will just buy more and therefore drink more. Alcohol can be cheap as far as expenses go, you could have an expensive cocaine habit – even a gambling habit which has cost people millions! A good way to recover from these problems is going to a rehab clinic.

You may be focused on financial issues that you have encountered, the flip side is that you get sober than you will have more money for the really important things in life. Imagine how much money you would save if you didn’t spend any on drugs or alcohol.

More time

Alcohol and drugs can soak up a lot of time, this is especially true if you’re prone to drinking or taking so much that you blackout. Time you spend under the influence is pretty much gone with the wind as you aren’t able to do anything of value at this time.

Lost still is the time you spent the day after a binge, as hangovers and comedowns can leave you in a state where you aren’t much good for anything of use at all. You aren’t likely to be productive when you feel half-dead.

After quitting narcotics, you will have so much time to spend doing whatever you want at your disposal. You can work hard at your career, pick up a hobby or a sport. Many recovering addicts complain of boredom because they realise that all they ever done is their addiction. However once you find something to do, your life will be transformed and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just one day.

You will look better

Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs – they have a hard effect on your appearance. Alcohol breaks down the collagen in your skin and makes you look older. It has a lot of calories which can add a load of weight onto your body and it also affects your immune system so you are more prone to sickness and infection. It also affects the way your digestive tract works, impairing it from absorbing that all important nutrients.

People can be surprised at how much younger they look after abstaining from alcohol, right off the bat they start to lose excess weight without even trying. As a result this new body lends itself to a healthy lifestyle creating a cycle of wellbeing. This can be used to change your life, especially after alcohol rehab.

Source : Dopalist