Important Things You Must Know When Performing A Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A gastric sleeve surgery is a kind of restrictive procedure that helps one with weight loss. It restricts the food amount that one eats by decreasing the stomach size. This is an irreversible surgery, that is performed laparoscopically. It is helpful in reducing the size of stomach by its 2/3rd and creates a tube-shaped organ. Some people can even gain weight with time if they ignore the advice related to eating high-calorie foods and snacks. It is thus very important to understand a few things before getting operated with this surgery.

How does this treatment work?

In maovähendus, your surgeon will cut a large area of your stomach and leave a new, and smaller size of stomach. The new size would be around the size of a banana. As the stomach size is reduced, it will reduce the amount of food that you can consume. With this smaller size of stomach, you will only be able to eat smaller meals and feel full for a long period of time.

What accessories are used in performing the treatment?

A general anesthesia is needed to bring the patient into the state of numbness. After when the anesthesia starts to function, a tiny camera “laparoscope” is placed in the stomach of the person. It allows your doctor to get a clear view of the inside of your stomach.

Your surgeon will perform 2 to 5 tiny cuts in your abdomen region and pass the laparoscope through these openings. They will then remove a big size of your stomach and join the remaining section of the stomach by the help of surgical staples. This will form a stomach shape that resembles a long vertical tube or a banana shape. This entire procedure takes around 60 and 90 minutes to get completed.

How soon can I start seeing the benefits out of this treatment?

A gastric sleeve surgery needs to be identified as a permanent procedure that can’t be reversed. You will need to keep this thing in your mind that your weight will come off slowly as compared to other procedures like gastric bypass. To shed weight, you will have to be committed towards following the right exercise and diet plan. It is important to talk to your bariatric nurse or a surgeon about this treatment, precaution and other important things to help you get the best results from the treatment.


A gastric sleeve surgery dramatically reduces your entire calorie intake that leads to dramatic reduction in weight in a very short duration. By gaining all the important information about this treatment will help you achieve safe and long-lasting results from this treatment.